Ō Mātau Mahi - What We Do

What do we do at Project Rangatahi?

Project Rangatahi is a business that aims to be the bridge between rangatahi and opportunities, that will help them to succeed and be capable leaders for our marae, hapū, iwi, our county and potentially the world. We also aim to not only guide our future rangatahi but to also change the conditions that may limit them at the moment. In our current circumstances, we acknowledge the power we hold. In our privilege of having our reo, our hononga to our papakainga, and also the power in our own mātauranga and our connections. Our goal is to redistribute that power, thereby empowering others to be the best they can for themselves and their whānau. 

However, there are 3 parts of our business:

Firstly, our primary kaupapa is bringing opportunities to our rangatahi participants. These opportunities include scholarships, internships, work experience, mentorship, meet and greets, public speaking opportunities and much more. 

The second part of our business is a database for our participants. This database includes a series of videos and articles from current leaders, influencers and overall awesome people in order to inspire and encourage our rangatahi. Our database will contain over 30 pieces of content, some of which will be previewed on Project Rangatahi's social media accounts and website.

Thirdly, we provide rangatahi opinions and stratergies to third parties wishing to contract us. From the money brought in, a kohl would be given to each participating rangatahi for their time and the remaining money would return to the business in order to fund future ventures and kaupapa.

For more information on our services please contact us at Projectrangatahi@gmail.com.

However, we are a new business and we hope to expand more as time goes by, in order for us to bring in more rangatahi and more opportunities for them. 

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